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  love and thanks to yoz, dan and richard, an

naq: never asked questions


1. Why is this page under construction?

This page is still under construction because this site is always under construction. The webmistress is in the process of designing and activating several other sites that are relatively new and unfinished.  Such as 'Schmooseum', an idea conceived by those standing next to 10 year old Amos Gewirtz, when he blurted out the word, and we said 'Hey, a Website!" as well as catching up with a backlog of unfinished work (no surprise there then)

2. This site is about alephs. where are all the alephs?

It takes time for alephs to get to know about a site like this. as soon as more alephs find out about this revolutionary site you can be sure they will make their way onto it very quickly. some alephs are faster than others and you will see those alephs first.


3. Why do you have more numbers than questions? 

This is in order to be prepared for some of the many questions that you aren't going to ask. if you think there are questions or answers that should be on this page, but aren't, please email :- the alephologist


4. Is the Art of Aleph a response to the Shoa?

Yes it is a response to the shoa and to everything else that has happened in the past


5. Do you have any advance notice of which alephs will be on this site?

Yes,  you can look on the Aleph List to see some of the alephs that will be coming to this site.